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Treating reptiles’ scale rot

   17 November 2017   l   Justin Steyn    l   Views: 33   l   31 days ago  


Scale rot on a corn snake. Photo: thecornsnake.co.uk

Scale rot is a bacterial infection which is most commonly found in pet reptiles. 

According to Arno Naudé, chairperson of the Transvaal herpetological union, the condition is mainly caused by improper husbandry or living conditions being too moist for the animal. “In essence it involves the reptile moving around in their own excrement and then leaves them with an infection, commonly on the stomach area,” he said.

Naudé warned that if left untreated, the rot will start eating away at the reptile, which often leaves with fatal consequences.

He explained that the rot will present itself as ulcerations on the reptile’s abdomen.

“It starts as a red-brown coloration which will start to damage the scales on the underside. This usually comes with large blisters,” he said.

When it comes to treating the condition, Naudé said that prevention is better than cure. 

“In a case where no blisters have formed, careful attention should be given to the temperature and ensure that the enclosure is properly cleaned.

“When blisters start to form it would be better to approach a vet for further analysis, depending on the situation it may even be needed to seek medical help before these form,” Naudé said.




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