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Artist believes positive thoughts lead to success

   01 December 2017   l   Carina Bester    l   Views: 91   l   3 months ago  


Baldwin Kay performing at the Kat kom weer art exhibition at Mookgophong on Saturday, 4 November.

Baldwin Hlongwane is a self-taught musician from Mookgophong whose career started back when he was a learner at Hoërskool Hans Strijdom. 

Baldwin Kay, as he is known on stage, bought his first acoustic guitar in 2012 and said he taught himself by watching videos on Youtube.

This local star now performs at gala dinners, concerts, weddings and art exhibitions. 

At the age of 14 Kay was part of a group called Mookgophong theatre of arts and culture and that is where he met Jouzeph Tema, who recognized his talent. “Tema advised me to record my first single song,” Kay said. 

Kay also won the Love Life Music Award in 2010 and also the Hansies got talent in 2015. “The winning of these awards gave me a boost to want to collect more and by doing so I grow musically. When I look back to where I come from, I see the grace of God,” Kay said.

Kay loves the African pop music sound and he said it inspires people because not many his age perform African pop. “I researched the genre that is most typically for older people, and at first it was about proving to my fellow youth that anything is possible, but I ended up loving the African pop sound.”

He matriculated in 2015, took a gap year and then co-founded the music company Bajore.

He plans to study music part-time whilst working as a musician next year. Kay already has three albums composed and two of his singles have been released. “I believe it is that one hit song that will put me on the map. That is why I am pushing singles until I get a larger fan base.”

He told The Post his songs are inspired by situations he comes across daily. “I also researched how I could sound different from other musicians. I always want to sound unique and different musi-cally,” he said.

Kay believes positive thinking is the key to success and said there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs. “Stay focused, be patient, believe in your craft and have room for disappointment,” were his words of encouragement to other upcoming artists. 




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