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Tyre rotation has several benefits

   02 December 2016   l   Paul Smith    l   Views: 154   l   4 months ago  


With a set of tyres being more expensive than a set of alloy rims (mags), taking proper care of tyres is certainly a worthwhile investment. 

Rotating your vehicle’s tyres at regular intervals has several benefits. When tyres are rotated, balanced and the alignment is checked every 10 000 km the tyres will wear out evenly. Owners of vehicles should not wait for visible damage or signs of uneven wear as damage to the tyre surface will in all likelihood not even out with further use. 

The tyres on the front axle have a completely different set of tasks to accomplish than the rear set, therefore wear at the front and the rear is substantially different. Front, rear and all-wheel drive vehicles all place different demands on their tyres. Performance vehicles’ tyres generally wear faster and even tyres will ensure that all four tyres on a vehicle respond equally well to any driving condition.  

More mileage and a longer life will be the reward from a set of well-maintained tyres; this will enable one to replace the complete set of tyres at once. Tyre manufacturers constantly improve their products and replacing all at once will ensure that the full technological benefit of a set of tyres is enjoyed. 




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