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No mentioning of jobs created

   26 January 2018   l   Ons lesers skryf...    l   Views: 35   l   27 days ago  


Gawie Richter, Modimolle, writes:

When reading the editorial of Entirhweni, the official October-December 2017 newsletter of the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, printed on the most expensive paper, one would expect miracles.

Once more it is only empty promises and dreams to keep supporters of the ruling party on the hook. How many jobs were created in the process of uplifting poor communities?

However, starter kits and laptops were issued to 28 privileged entrepreneurs, most probably for recreational purposes. 

After 24 years of freedom, the word Apartheid buried centuries ago, secured a platoon of 32 Vhembe women a holiday to KwaZulu-Natal. According to the editor, this visit was only possible now, because during the years of Apartheid, women were not allowed to move around freely. As this happened just before the ANC’s presidential meeting, this gesture should be regarded with suspicion. 

All the expenses were for the account of the tax payers. 

Although institutions like taverns, burial societies and stokvels are regularly visited for the purpose of intervention, not a single word was mentioned about jobs created by lodges, food producers and game farms. These people are attracting thousands of tourists annually from all over the world. 

My question is whether Entirhweni “Taking development to the people” and other departments are only intended for a single group of people? 




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