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Alleged ‘tech’ thief applies for bail

   14 July 2017   l   Die Pos-span/The Post team    l   Views: 118   l   10 days ago  


This photo shows stolen items with an estimated value of R37 000 which were found in the possession of a suspect after a burglary in the Eersbewoond area outside Bela-Bela.

The police at Bela-Bela are holding a man in custody for allegedly stealing household items valued at an estimated R37 000.

Alex Chauke (30), an alleged illegal immigrant from Zimbabwe, was arrested on Thursday 15 June, in connection with the possession of items stolen from a residential home.

The stolen items range from cellphones, laptops, an external hard-drive and other electronic devices. The stolen property is valued at an estimated R37 000.

The suspect made his first court appearance on Monday, 26 June, where he was charged with theft, as well as entering the country illegally.

Chauke appeared again in court on Monday, 3 July, where the case was postponed to allow for a formal bail application.

Meanwhile, the local police issued a warning to employers who employ illegal immigrants as cheap labour.

Sergeant Hester van Zyl told The Post due to the increase in crimes involving illegal foreigners, the police would push for harsh penalties.

“Employers can be fined up to R7000 per person in their employ. Too many criminal cases are being reported where illegal foreigners are involved,” she said.




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