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Armed robbery at Vaalwater

   21 April 2017   l   Zani Hiepner    l   Views: 8627   l   12 months ago  


Foto ter illustrasie.

Aggressive attacks are on the rise in Limpopo.

Theuns Pretorius (27) who has been a Vaalwater resident his whole life, and his wife Mariaan (31) were attacked at their home at Vaalwater during the early morning hours of Saturday, 15 April. 

At approximately 03:45 the Pretorius family were rudely awoken with three men in their bedroom, one on either side of the bed.

When the couple realised what was happening, Theuns told his wife to keep calm.

Theuns told The Post that two of the suspects pinned them down and a battle between the intruders and the couple ensued.

Theuns battled to get onto his feet during the ordeal, and as soon as he was up and steady, his wife made her attempt at fighting back.

During the struggle to escape the claws of the intruders, Theuns was punched in his ribs, back and leg.

Mariaan unfortunately did not come off as lightly from the ordeal. During her struggle she was stabbed numerous times with a knife in her face and neck where one of the stabs managed to cut through her main artery.

One of the suspects asked Theuns to open his safe, and that is when the second suspect responded by telling the other to not let him open it, as Theuns has a weapon.

“I do not know who the suspects are, what they wanted or how they knew that I might have a weapon,” said Theuns.

After the exchange of words amongst the suspects they hurriedly left the family’s home.

Theuns wanted to grab a cell phone when he realised they had all been stolen, along with the couple’s laptops.

They rushed to their motor vehicle and sped off in search of help.

“Thank you to Pieter Roets and his wife Nalize, for their immediate actions and alerting the needed parties for assistance” said Theuns.

Roets immediately called Dr. Albert Poortier who was at his practise within 10 minutes to assist Mariaan, who was then bleeding profusely.

Once Poortier had stabilized Mariaan, Theuns rushed her to the Montana Hospital in Pretoria where she was taken in for an emergency operation.

The doctors repaired the main artery and cleaned and stitched up all the wounds. The family are back in the Vaalwater area and are recovering from the horrible ordeal.   

“I would also like to thank the Welgevonden Reaction Unit, Shambala and Tiaan Keyter from the police for their immediate involvement,” Theuns said. 

Unfortunately no suspects have been arrested thus far, but a reward has been offered to any person with information regarding the incident. Please contact Kassie Knoetze of the Welgevonden Reaction Unit on tel. 083 272 2343 should you have any further leads in this regard. 




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